2.2 Tdci

A 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine in Defenders from around 2012 until the end of production.

The Engine is Capable of Great power and Efficiency Gains, and a decent exhaust is going to help with that. All of our exhausts will help the engine breath more efficiently.

For High Performance or tuned applications, go for 3″ Downpipes, and systems.

The 2.2Tdci Puma Engine is very quiet to begin with.
Downpipe back systems (leaving the DPF in place) will hardly produce any sound.

A single sports silencer in a 2.5″ System seems to be the most popular in terms of silencing.

When Choosing a Downpipe, the Current MOT requirement in the UK is for a Visual Check on the Emissions Control Equipment.
Demand Engineering requires acceptance of our standard T’s & C’s upon purchasing of exhaust products, this includes our specific terms related to Downpipes and Emissions products. Please see the sitemap at the bottom of the page for full terms and conditions.

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Showing all 3 results